Deonna lives along with her mother, dad and siblings in Carmelita, a small village near Orange Walk Town. She currently attends Muffles College High School.

Deonna lives with both parents, and five other siblings. She is very passionate and dedicated. She enjoys playing volleyball and reading. Deonna understands first hand the importance of good health and having access to quality health care.  She experienced the loss of three siblings, and this motivated her to want to become a doctor. She wants to be able to help others, especially those suffering from diseases. “Being a doctor has always been my lifelong dream. I have a strong desire to give back to my community in one way or the other.” She likes Maths, Science and English. 

Deonna is an outspoken student and a leader in her class. She has a strong family support. She enjoys reading, playing sports and doing community work.

Deonna aspires to be a doctor. 

Details about Deonna

Date of Birth: 24 September 2010

High School: Muffles College High School

Grade Level: 9th Grade (Form 1)

PathLight Center: Orange Walk Town

Mother’s Occupation: Domestic

Father’s Occupation: N/A