Frequently Asked Questions

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How Can I Sponsor a Student?

Pathmakers: A Pathmaker underwrites a full sponsorship of a Pathlight student.
Cost: $2400 annually.
Bridge Builders: Six sponsors contribute to a full sponsorship of a Pathlight Student.
Cost: $34/month
One-time donation of any amount.

What does a sponsorship cover?
A full sponsorship covers the student’s tuition, uniforms, books, school supplies, hot lunch, transportation, tutoring, and over 400 hours of mentoring, leadership development, and Christian character formation annually.
How does PathLight select students for sponsorships?
Each school year, students from across Belize apply for PathLight sponsorships. This process includes student essays, teacher recommendations, family financial information, assessment testing, grade reports, scores on national standardized testing, and a formal in-person interview.

PathLight searches for those students who demonstrate the highest potential for academic success, and have the least financial means to realize their dreams.

How long is the sponsorship commitment?
You may cancel your support at any time, but we doubt you’ll want to.
Will I hear from my student?
Yes! You will receive monthly stories and at least two direct emails from your student each year. They love sending videos and emails.
May I contact my sponsored student directly?
PathLight provides appropriate channels for you to communicate with a student directly. These include video conversations and live stream sessions.
May I connect with my student on social media?
PathLight has a Facebook group for social media communications with your student. You’ll be connected with your student’s mentor who will forward your emails, videos, and letters directly to your student.
Can I visit the student I support?
Yes! Our Community Partner page details all the options for visiting Belize and meeting your Pathlight student.
May I send my student a letter or gift?

On special occasions, a small gift may be given to students, but it is neither required nor expected. If sponsors choose to send a gift, the item(s) must fit into a manila envelope and be less than $50 USD in value. All gifts must be coordinated through the President or the Director of Operations. Donations can also be given online via the PathLight website. A gift or gift card will be purchased by the staff in Belize.

When my student completes secondary school, will they continue to tertiary education?
Because education is the surest path out of poverty, we encourage all students to go as far as they need to. Together with subscribers, we enable approximately 25% of our students to continue with tertiary education.
What happens if my student drops out of school?
Although this is rare, we will notify you and give you the option to choose another student to sponsor.


Besides Sponsorship, How Can I Support PathLight’s work?

Support Teacher Training: Academy 19

$19 trains educators to teach new subjects with rigor and confidence. An investment in one teacher’s training will produce returns for every student she teachers.

Give Where needed most:

Our students and their families often have needs outside our budget; your support helps us support them.

What are the ways I can donate?
Credit Card
Amazon Smile
Crypto (?)
How do I give via check?
Kindly mail checks to PathLight International,
3037-T Hopyard Road,
Pleasanton, CA 94588.
Do you accept matching gifts from companies?
Yes, PathLight International is happy to accept corporate matching gifts.
Will I receive a receipt?
How can I obtain a copy of PathLight International’s financial statements?
How do I obtain a copy of PathLight International’s 501(c)3 letter?

Please emaill [email protected] and we’ll send it to you. It can also be found on Form 990 here.

How do I change the credit card or bank account for my monthly payment?
Please contact Anne Stoneberger in our California office, and she will be happy to assist you. Anne can be reached at [email protected] or via telephone at 925.699.8869.
How do I change the amount of my donation?

Please contact Anne at [email protected] or via telephone at 925.699.8869.

How do I know my involvement is making a difference?

Thanks to a group of generous donors who covers all of PathLight’s administrative costs, 100% of your donation goes directly to a child or classroom. 

Watch students share what sponsorship means to them here and here and here. 

Teacher Training Workshops

How will I know my registration is confirmed?
A registration email to teachers who register online via a web page or Facebook confirms their submission.
Can I register for multiple sessions?
We always encourage teachers not to overwhelm themselves with too many online sessions. Teachers can select one general session per day and two elective topics per day over two days. Kindly make a note of the dates and times of the sessions to avoid clashes.
Do these count for CPDs?
PathLight Belize is an approved workshop and professional development provider. We are partners with the Ministry of Education, and all workshop completions are subject and sent to TEDS for approval. CPD hours are granted only by TEDS.
What if I don’t have a license, can I still register?
For teachers who will be applying for a license this year, this can still be counted in as your professional development. For teachers with no license, it is always personal development. Pathlight will send digital certificates of completion to each participant. This certificate is part of your professional portfolio.
How many sessions must I choose to gain full CPD credits?
Teachers need to select a minimum of 1 general session and two elective sessions in a day for full CPD credits. Teachers will submit professional assignments for some of the professional series sessions.
How will PathLight know I paid?
After payment through a bank (online banking or direct deposit), the teacher must send a copy of the slip or confirmation page to Pathlight workshop number 610-6244 on Whatsapp or email ([email protected]). This forwarded copy ensures you are going to attend the workshop.
How will I access online sessions?
A training link will be sent to participants via email (provided in the form) three days before sessions begin. Teachers are to click the link and download the Zoom App, and it will take them into the session automatically. Protocols for workshops will also be sent to the email address the teacher provided during registration. Teachers can sign up for free accounts with Zoom.
Why did I not get a certificate?

There are many reasons why a teacher may not have received a certificate.

  • Teacher did not attend the workshop.
  • Teacher did not complete payment for the workshop.
  • The teacher’s license number has an error.
  • The teacher does not have a full or provisional license number.
  • The teacher’s contact information had mistakes or misspellings.

For questions about missing certificates, please call or text 610-6244 or email [email protected]

What if my name is not spelled correctly on CPD issued certificates?
We always encourage teachers to type accurate information into registration forms. Slight errors in name spellings, license numbers, and email addresses can occur. Pathlight is not in control of the spelling of names coming from the TEDS database; please contact them directly to correct.
How will I know my hours are input into the TEDS system?
PathLight Belize is an approved workshop provider of the Ministry of Education. PathLight takes due diligence to send all necessary attendance sheets, evaluations to TEDS after a school or a teacher completes a training session or sessions with us. PathLight does not have any control over when the TEDS system records workshop hours. Teachers can check with TEDS for hours completion. PathLight has all digital attendance sheets for workshops 2017-2020 (Hardcopies of Workshop attendance sheets older than 2017 are with TEDS). School-Based Workshops: School admin sends us the staff listing, and we use that to confirm attendance and send the information to TEDS. Individual Workshops: PathLight uses the information provided on the registration form and the workshop attendance sheet to send to TEDS. Online Sessions: Chatbox confirms attendance, where teachers input their information. Evaluations are also used through email addresses to verify attendance. Face to Face: The workshop has an attendance sheet at the session for teachers to sign. An evaluation is also collected.
What else does PathLight issue for proof of attendance?
PathLight issues digital certificates to schools after school completes a Workshop Series. For May and June sessions, teachers will receive a digital certificate of participation in their inbox after PathLight verifies attendance. This process will complete in July. PathLight also keeps digital records of all sessions since 2017 of teachers’ attendance to workshops and conferences in the event they have a query.
Where can I get my copy?
PathLight Teacher Resource Center in Belize City has physical copies of certificates. Due to COVID19, we are maintaining social distancing rules. Teachers can drop in with masks to claim their certificates. Schools can arrange for one pick up. Teachers can send one person to collect on their behalf with written consent. July Pickup Dates: We have all TTC 2019 certificates Belize City: July 17th, 2020 – 9:00-3:00 p.m. For Corozal, Toledo, Stann Creek, and Orange Walk, we will send those to our Teacher Resource Centers in August.

Community Partners

What is Community Partners?
Community Partners offers guests an opportunity to experience a movement in Belize that empowers children to receive a quality education, break free from poverty, and reach their God-given potential.
Why is a Community Partners trip different?
Together, we offer travelers to Belize an opportunity to experience hope for impoverished children, while encountering cross-cultural relationships and life-changing transformational experiences.
What type of trips does Community Partners offer?
PathLight offers Service Trips, Vision Trips, and Vacation Trips.
What is a Service Trip?
PathLight works with leadership in local communities to determine the most vital needs that will impact educational infrastructure. We then organize service projects for teams to make a lasting difference in the lives of at-risk youth in Belize. Custom-designed for the needs of each group and focused on serving in a culturally sensitive way, these trips are transforming for everyone.
What is a Vision Trip?
These inspirational three to seven-day trips are for individuals or families who would like to learn more about PathLight’s work in Belize while appreciating another culture and rethinking their blessings.
What is a Vacation Trip?
PathLight has partnered with Niteo Tours ( to offer first-class travel experiences. This is travel that does a world of good with light touch visits to PathLight centers and interaction with students.
What project is involved in a Service Trip?
This trip focuses on projects that help the community. Local churches, schools, or public areas in need of repair are at the top of our service projects list. Opportunities to assist with VBS programs are also available. Please contact us if you are interested in participating in a medical mission project.
Do you partner with local organizations or Christian business owners?
Will there be clean water to drink?
Yes, there will be clean water to drink, we will also have a beverage cooler in the vehicle so that you can refill your water bottle at all times. There is also clean drinking water in your accommodations.
Is it safe to come to Belize?
Yes, it’s safe. However, there are certain parts of Belize City that we avoid. Please note that a PathLight Staff will always be with you.
Will we be meeting any of the PathLight Students?
Yes, we have a set time where we will be visiting both Belmopan and Belize City offices.