Three Ways:

PathMakers: A PathMaker underwrites a full sponsorship of a PathLight student. 
Cost: $3000 annually

BridgeBuilders: Six BridgeBuilder sponsors contribute to the full sponsorship of a PathLight student.
Cost: $45/month

One-time donation of any amount.

A full sponsorship annually covers the student’s tuition, uniforms, books, school supplies, hot lunch, transportation, tutoring, and over 400 hours of mentoring, leadership development, and Christian character formation.

Each school year, students from across Belize apply for PathLight sponsorships. This process includes student essays, teacher recommendations, family financial information, assessment testing, grade reports, scores on national standardized testing, and a formal in-person interview.

PathLight searches for those students who demonstrate the highest potential for academic success, and have the least financial means to realize their dreams.

You may cancel your support at any time, but we doubt you’ll want to.

Yes! You will receive monthly stories and at least two direct emails from your student each year. They love sending videos and emails.

PathLight provides appropriate channels for you to communicate with a student directly. These include video conversations and live stream sessions.

PathLight has a Facebook group for social media communications with your student. You’ll be connected with your student’s mentor who will forward your emails, videos, and letters directly to your student.

Yes! We love when sponsors visit Belize and meet their PathLight students.

On special occasions such as Christmas, birthdays, or graduation, the PathLight mentors will gladly facilitate gifts to students on your behalf. A typical gift, with a recommended maximum value of $50 USD, is given as cash or a gift card purchased by PathLight staff.

Because education is the surest path out of poverty, we encourage all students to go as far as they need to. Together with dedicated sponsors, we enable approximately 25% of our students to continue with tertiary education.

Although this is rare, we will notify you and give you the option to choose another student.


Support Teacher Training: Academy 19

A modest investment of $19 trains one teacher to teach new subjects with rigor and confidence. An investment in one teacher’s training will produce returns for every student she teaches in her lifetime.

Give where needed most:

Our students and their families often have needs outside our budget; your support helps us support them.

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Kindly mail checks to:
PathLight International
3037-T Hopyard Road 
Pleasanton, CA 94588

Yes, PathLight International is happy to accept corporate matching gifts.


Please email [email protected], and we’ll send it to you.

Please contact Anne Stoneberger; she will gladly assist you. Anne can be reached at [email protected] or (925) 426-7284.