Sponsor a Student in Belize with PathLight 

For $200 a month, you can change the course of a child’s life.

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She’s got the drive,
you’ve got the funds.

PathLight students are chosen for their grit and drive.
Our team hand-selects students who are ready to go the distance to graduation.

Give a student a sponsorship.
She’ll give it her all.
This is how you’ll make a path to graduation, together.

$2400/year includes tuition, uniform, books, spiritual development and character formation, tutoring and extra curricular activities.

When you become a PathMaker, you change a student’s life and yours.

“Ana has reached this important milestone with the help of all of us who are on her team. I’ve been so blessed to contribute in a small way to Ana’s present and future success.”


Ana's sponsor, after attending Ana's graduation ceremony

“I want all kids to have opportunity to pursue their interests and utilize their God-given talents. Through PathLight, we make this hope a reality.”