Teacher Training.

Academy 19: a modest investment with a massively high return.

Our Teacher Training program invests and equips Belizean teachers. Teachers hold great responsibility and influence over a student’s life, having proper tools and training allows them to positively impact their students and schools throughout the entire country.

50% of secondary teachers in Belize are not formally trained to teach multiple subjects. We are changing that by investing in the professional development of the teachers who teach our PathLight students, a win-win for all.

We need your help, join our Academy 19 program for $19 to invest in one teacher who benefits the 600+ students she’ll teach in her lifetime who will learn content on par with their global peers, breaking another link in generational poverty. This is a massive return, in the teacher and student’s lives, for a small investment.

We are partnering with the Ministry of Education in Belize, for  PathLight’s Academy 19 teacher training program. This program delivers world-class professional development to Belizean teachers for one purpose: so they can teach new subjects with rigor and confidence.

Give once or on a recurring basis.

If you’d like to learn more about sponsoring a student on a yearly basis, check out our BridgeBuilders page.