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Together, we empower children in Belize to receive a quality education, break free from poverty, and reach their God-given potential.

Belize-Based Staff

Beatrice Geban

Beverly Rancharan

Camy Cajun

Camy Cajun

Christina Escalante

Consuelo Godfrey

Dion Rodriguez

Image of Erica Clother

Erica Clother

Image of Jhonique Anderson

Jhonique Anderson

Jovaughn Hamilton

Kairie Brown

Image of Kendal Luna

Kendal Luna

Keshawn Sutherland

Image of Lisa Carballo

Lisa Carballo

Image of Mariam Manzanero

Mariam Manzanero

Nichelle Lucario

Patricia Bermont

Image of Trisha Oh

Thrisha Thompson

Image of Tono Bol

Tono Bol

Image of Trecia Jones

Trecia Jones

US-Based Staff

Anne Stoneberger

Cheri Larsen Hoeckley

Christian Hoeckley

Jen Megaw

Jenn Tendero