Ethan lives in a quiet community on the outskirts of Belmopan City. He lives with his parents, two brothers, and three sisters. He is the oldest child in the family.

He is in 10th grade and is an honor roll student. He ranked in 2nd place with a GPA of 90%. His goal is to remain on the honor roll list and rank 1st place in his 10th-grade class.

Ethan is a passionate student who completes tasks in a timely manner. He recently developed a love for cooking and assists his mom in preparing food for their family. Ethan stated, “Cooking helps me to be precise, and I adapt this to my everyday life. I believe that being precise in life will allow me to reach the stars. I enjoy being in school, and I am thankful to be a part of PathLight Belize, as this was my only chance to attend high school and see my dreams and goals become reality.”

He participated in the YWCA Summer Cooking program last summer and now aspires to become a chef and own his own restaurant. Ethan wants to give back to the community by providing healthy food at a reasonable price.

Details about Ethan

Date of Birth: 18th February 2009

High School: Belmopan Comprehensive High School

Grade Level: 10th Grade (2nd Form)

PathLight Center: Belmopan

Mother’s Occupation: Teacher

Father’s Occupation: Retired Soldier