Student Detail: Anaya lives in Orange Walk Town with her mom, brother, grandparents, aunt and uncle.

School: She is currently attending Bishop Martin High School in Orange Walk.

Student Quote: “Education is the key to success and in order to be successful in life and be someone great you need a good education. My goal is to be a primary school teacher and the first step towards achieving that goal is by attending high school. I also want to be someone educated because when I get older, I want to be able to look after my mother. My mom is a single mother.. She does not have a stable job and she has been putting me and my brother through primary school by selling food, snacks and equites (corn in a cup) in order for her to have an income to sustain me and my brother. My mother is a hard-working woman and she deserves to be taken care of when she gets older and for that reason, I need to be able to have a sound education for me to achieve my goals.”

Student Interests: Anaya likes to participate with marching bands. She enjoys watching movies, painting and drawing.

Student Dream: She is determined to be a special education teacher and hopes to one day help children with disabilities

Student’s Academic Progress: Anaya worked very hard this year and remain on honor roll with a GPA of 3.58. She received tutoring in those subjects where she needed help. Anaya enjoys arts and is the leader of the art club at the center. She has been very supportive and helpful at the center. Anaya wants to be a special education teacher and enjoys math and literature.

Other significant developments: This year Anaya will be participating in the leadership plus program. She participated in the art camp for summer.

Student’s excitement and enthusiasm for the new school year: Anaya is excited and looking forward to the second form.

Details about Anaya

Date of Birth: 7 July 2009

High School: Bishop Martin High School

Grade Level: 10th Grade (2 form)

PathLight Center: Orange Walk Town

Mother’s Occupation: Self-Employed

Father’s Occupation: Unknown