Alique lives in a quiet village outside the capital city of Belmopan. He lives with his mother, older sister, and young brothers.

He is excited to start 11th grade this fall. This will be his third year in high school, and he will major in Technical Studies.  He is passionate about attending his after-school program at PathLight and recently graduated from a year-long PathLight Leadership program. This opportunity has granted him the ability to be more confident and outgoing.

Alique shared, “PathLight has helped me grow as an individual and become more open to others. I am a very shy guy but with the help of the Leadership program and interaction with my peers in our after-school program, I am more easily able to hold a conversation. I am extremely grateful for everything PathLight has done for me, and I will continue to get good grades to make you all proud.

He aspires to be a Quarry Engineer. Alique loves to see how highway construction comes to life; from the blasting of the mountain to getting the filling for the highways.

Details about Alique

Date of Birth: 10 July 2008

High School: Belmopan Comprehensive School

Grade Level: 11th (3rd Form)

PathLight Center: Belmopan

Mother’s Occupation: Call Center Agent

Father’s Occupation: N/A