Student Detail: Tyler lives in Belize City with his mother. He will be attending Itz’at STEAM Academy where he will be a part of the first graduating cohort in the next four years. The school is focused on developing student competence through the STEAM curriculum. 

Student Quote: He is dedicated to his academics and is driven by this quote, “the best way to predict your future is to create it.” 

Tyler is grateful for the support of his mother who constantly pushes him to strive for excellence. “My goal is to become a technological engineer. This type of engineering focuses on how engineering concepts can be applied to actual situations. In the future I want to own my own engineering firm,” Tyler says. He is excited for this new stop in his journey. 

Teacher Quote: Tyler is a very dedicated student who values hard work and good grades. I am impressed by his determination to do well.

Student Interests: Community service, football, marching band

Student Dream: Technological Engineer

Details about Tyler

Date of Birth: 7 November 2010

High School: Itz’at STEAM Academy

Grade Level: 9th Grade (Form 1)

PathLight Center: Belize City

Mother’s Occupation: Secretary

Father’s Occupation: N/A