Student Detail: Nya lives in Gardenia Village, Belize District with her mother, 2 sisters and 1 brother.

Student Quote: My mom is a single mother and I know her salary as a cook would not have been enough to send me to high school. So we are all truly thankful that PathLight has decided to sponsor my high school education. I am a smart and hardworking student and I will do my best to succeed in school. I will not disappoint you.

Teacher Quote: Nya is a very bright and committed student, who is alway willing to assist in any way she can.

Student Interest: Nya enjoys singing and dancing.

Student Dream: Actress

Details about Nya

Date of Birth: August 4

High School: Pallotti High School

Grade Level: 9th grade (Form 1)

PathLight Center: Belize City

Mother’s Occupation: Cook

Father’s Occupation: N/A