Student Details: Jaslene lives in Belize City with her mother, grandmother, 1 younger brother and a younger sister.

Student Quote: Life has not been easy for my family. My mom got a salary cut which was caused by the government’s effort to cut expenses, adding to that, my father abandoned us and we lost our home. Despite that, I am extremely excited to be sponsored by PathLight because my mom does not have to be burdened with wondering where the money will come from for my education.

Teacher Quote: Intelligent and helpful

Student Interest: Online research, reading and graphic design

Student Dream: Computer programmer

Details about Jaslene

Date of Birth: July 13th

High School: Edward P. Yorke High School

Grade Level: 9th Grade (Form 1)

PathLight Center: Belize City

Mother’s Occupation: Teacher

Father’s Occupation: Unemployed