Student Detail: Isys lives in San Jose Nuevo Palmar Village, Orange Walk District with her mom and grandparents.

Student Quote: Over the last three years I have come to appreciate the sacrifices my mother has made for me, working long hours and traveling everyday to ensure I get an education and that we have food everyday. High School for me is a place where I can challenge myself, learn new things and help myself find who I want to be in my future career. I want to be able to help myself and in return help my mom, as she has taken such good care of me. Getting this scholarship and the opportunity to go to high school will provide a peace of mind, as I won’t be thinking how my mother will make ends meet and I will be able to dedicate more time to my studies.

Teacher Quote: Isys is very intelligent, dedicated and very respectful. She is an outgoing student who does excellent overall in her academic performance. She interacts well with her peers.

Student Interests: Isys likes to draw, play volleyball and enjoys solving problems and loves math. She is a member of her community youth group. She has participated in different drawing competitions.

Student Dream: Continue in her educational journey to the highest possible level.

Details about Isys

Date of Birth: 8th November 2009

High School: Muffles College

Grade Level: 9th Grade (Form 1)

PathLight Center: Orange Walk

Mother’s Occupation: Preschool Teacher

Father’s Occupation: Unknown