Student Details: Dedra lives in Belize City with her mom, dad, 2 sisters and 1 brother.

Student Quote: Life has not been easy for my family and I. The pandemic made it hard for us to know for sure if we would have 3 meals a day or even if we will have electricity or water. My parents are trying with the little they have. I know that with PathLight’s help, I will be able to attend high school and receive the necessary help I need to succeed.

Teacher Quote: Dedra has great academic potential and an investment in her would be a great one.

Student Interests: Writing stories and poems, helping children in her neighborhood

Student Dream: Nurse

Details about Dedra

Date of Birth: November 2

High School: Pallotti

Grade Level: 9th grade

PathLight Center: Belize City

Mother’s Occupation: Laundromat attendant

Father’s Occupation: Carpenter