Student Detail: Dean lives with his stepfather, his mother, two sisters, and one brother in a small community on the outskirts of Belmopan.

Student Quote: My dream is to become a teacher. I really enjoy working with other young people and helping them with their school work.  I have an older sister in high school and I see how my family works hard to provide the basic school necessities for her. My stepfather tries his best to provide all we need, but as we get older, it becomes more difficult. With my mother sick, my hopes of attending high school were looking bleak.

I am forever grateful to PathLight, for awarding me a scholarship. I now have the opportunity to attend high school and become successful. I can find a much better job with a high school education and help others in my community.

Teacher Quote: Dean is consistent in achieving excellence.

Student Interests: Math, Expressive Art

Student Dream: Teacher

Details about Dean

Date of Birth: 7th May 2009

High School: Belmopan Comprehensive High School

Grade Level: 9th (Form 1)

PathLight Center: Belmopan

Mother’s Occupation: Housewife