Student Detail: Andre resides in Orange Walk Town with his mom,dad, and four siblings.

School: He is currently attending Bishop Martin High School in Orange Walk.

Student Quote: “For me to learn at a higher level and learn more for when I get older will allow me to have a stable job and exceed my parents’ expectations. I would like to get older and make life easier and better. I learn very quickly. I am sociable, very kind, and helpful. I love to lead when needed. My family is struggling financially and mom has my younger sister also to provide for and ensure she receives her basic needs.”

Teacher Quote: Ms. Jones: “Andre does well in his overall academic performance. He is a friendly and outgoing student and interacts well with his peers.”

Student Interests:  Andre likes soccer, watching television, and watching videos.

Student Dream: He dreams of becoming a doctor.

Details about Andre

Date of Birth: 3rd September, 2008

High School: Bishop Martin High School

Grade Level: 9th Grade

PathLight Center: Orange Walk Town

Mother’s Occupation: House Wife

Father’s Occupation: Laborer