Our sponsorship program is called “Sponsorship+” because unlike most sponsorship programs, we provide students with full-spectrum support.

The vast majority of our students are the first in their families to successfully complete high school.

We offer these at-risk youth the gift of a secondary school education that – far from being simply four additional years of school – opens up hope for the future. And for those who have the desire and capacity to go on we continue their support through college or vocational school.


Sergio wouldn't be attending high school right now if it weren't for his sponsor. Watch the video below to get to know his story.


What does it include?

Mentoring, tutoring,  counseling, and spiritual discipleship.

Daily lunch and safe  transportation to and from school.

Books, school supplies, uniforms and full financial support. 


How much does it cost?

We have sponsorships ranging from $35 to $200 per month. However much you choose to give, your support completely transforms your student's life.

 $35/month - Lunch and books for one student

 $50/month - Transportation and school supplies for one student

 $100/month - Mentoring, tutoring and discipleship for one student

 $200/month - Full sponsorship of one student


Change the course of a child's life. Become a sponsor.

We have a waiting list of children that can't wait to be sponsored – this is their only shot at an education. Give the gift of an education to a child in Belize.