Overall PathLight Operations

Please pray for..

– emotional healing and strength for Dominga, whose family situation is dire.

– all our staff in Belize; our busy season is upon us and we are all working long hours to serve the Lord.  May He continue to guide our path.

– our Sponsorship+ staff as we interview and select new incoming students.

– our Teacher Training team and volunteer trainers as they prepare for our largest-ever Teacher Training Conferences.

– our Community Partners team as they prepare to host several large teams.

– our graduates, that God will continue to light their path.

– our students and staff participating in the musical at Comprehensive H.S.


Please pray for..

Estella – to successfully pass this school year without obstacles.

Jamillete – I am thankful that I am no longer sick and please pray for me so that I can keep up with my work and be able to pass into 3rd form.

Jose A – my family and all those in need so we may have health, life, faith and hope.

Keyla – those who are passing through difficult times, for my parents it’s very stressful but please pray for each one of us so that God could bless us and protect us.

Megli – my family, friends, especially for my oldest brother, pray for our education to go well.

Merit – my family and friends, exams are coming up and for the youth group I am attending.

Leslie – my family and friends. Also for my studies, since the end of semester is almost here.

Delmi – my mom, she is in a lot of pain for many years noe and I feel so sad for her, I would appreciate it greatly.

Ann – my mom who is in the hospital, pregnant and with dengue, to get better soon and that nothing goes wrong with the baby.

Janel – my family so that they would be in good health always.

Ornel – my family and friends and I ask for prayer upon myself, over school, transportation, guidance and protection.

Higina – my family and myself, and that I may continue to do well in school.

Joseline – my grandmother who is sick and also for my aunt and for me.

Jasmine – the health of my family, that I may understand my teachers and for my parents who both work.

Alma – me and my family so that we can always live in peace.

Rebecca – guidance and wisdom form God so that I can make the right choices and do great in school.

Jose P – me that God may guide me on what to do in my education.

Beatriz – the homeless children as well as the sick ones so they can find a home, health and love in their hearts. Pray that God can show them the right pathway leading towards Him.

Tahj –  for continued health and God’s provision for his family.

Ricardo – God’s continuous grace towards his family.

Alisha – wisdom as she goes about her daily life.

Karen – God to guide her through school, wisdom in decision making and God’s help though tough times.

Jeniel – God to heal her mom who has been ill for several days now Anya – asking that God will heal her cousin Shajira.

Diana – that she will continue to improve in school and she is asking for protection off her family.

Orvin – his uncle who is currently incarcerated that he will learn and become a better person.

Karina – love and friendship within her family.

Catherine – peace and love with her family.

Chelsea – protection for her family.

Shemmar – that God will continue to help him with his studies. He is also asking for healing of his toes that were injured in a game.

Teacher Training

Please pray for..

– Compre teachers…and all the kids in the after-school musical.

– Jodi, Nilda and Trisha as they continue through a very busy season, end of the school year, and preparation for the TTC.

– OLOG and Mt. Carmel who really want to do what is best for their students; that the students are receptive to the new things being implemented and that they see progress and gains from what they are investing in the lives of the students.

Community Partners

Please pray for..

– more leads to increase our Short Term Missions Team Numbers.

– God's perfect plan for PathLight to unfold in May.