Overall PathLight Operations

Please pray for..

– Shemmar and his family as they face the reality of living in fear.

– our staff as they enjoy some well-deserved vacation time prior to the start of school; may they return refreshed and renewed.

– our students as they enjoy the last few days of summer vacation.

– the many people who worked so hard to make our Teacher Training Conferences a success.

– our generous sponsors and donors who faithfully support our ministry in Belize.

– the Rotary Clubs of Seven Springs, FL and Belize Sunrise, for their support.

– the US Embassy, for their support.


Please pray for..

– us as we finalize the purchasing of textbooks.

– all our students, that they will be safe during their summer vacations.

– the families of the students we sponsor as this is a challenging month for them to buy uniforms, books and other school supplies.

– our upcoming meetings with students and parents as we collaborate to make the students the best they can be.

Camila: I want to thank God for another day of life and also for all the blessings He gave to the PathLight students. I would also ask Him to continue supporting the PathLight institution and co-directors. And help Belize become a better country and help the families who are in need.

Aracely: Pray for my family and my baby brother that he may grow healthy and strong. 

Nyah: I will just ask that my mom and dad may live and see many more years happy together because they just celebrated their 20th anniversary.

Johnny: Please pray for my grandmother that is sick.

Rafael: I would like you to pray for me to have a great education and also to accomplish all my goals in life, and that God would give me the strength and the opportunity to continue studying.

Wilbur: Pray that I return to school safely.

Julio: I ask for help in my family and for health and strength and help in our needs.

Meisi: Health for my family and friends, guidance, and strength in everything I do.

Shaunty: I would like prayer for my dad who is sick. His name is Israel. 

Noémí: Pray for me because I have cough.

Kelly: Please pray for me so that this year I won’t be nervous to start second form.

Julie: Please pray for my family issues.

Franklin: My prayer request is for my family and for my sponsors and also for all of you there and
for myself to be in good health to help me brighten up my mind for my education in
order for me to do good in my education and to guide me to be a better person as I
continue to grow up. 

Thelma: I would like you to pray that I finish fourth form and to make my mother's surgery successful and to let my cousin have a healthy baby!

Roman: Please pray for my sponsors, and my family and that I do well in school.

Evan: I want you to pray that the days when school reopen that no evil shall come upon me and everyone.

Cristian: Please pray that God protect us from hurricane this season.

Sergio: Please pray for my family and for all the students that are starting the new school year.

Rubi: Pray for this new journey into my bachelors that I will be starting in August 13, 2017.

Dayna S.: My father because he is not doing well.

Josue: I want for you to pray for my grandmother who is ill. 

Abel: Please pray for me, my family and all the people we love, that God may continue to protect, guide and give us health and strength. Also to give me the attitude and strength to give my best and make good use of the opportunity of playing that MV Revolution sub-21 has given me. That God may continue to bless all PathLight members, staff, sponsors and students. 

Jeniel: I am grateful that my mom is recovering from her surgery.

Shemmar: that God would protect me and my family.

Teacher Training

Please pray for..

– the Teacher Trainers from US, as they transition back into US life, as ambassadors for PathLight.

– Mr. Pulido as he continues to battle issues he has at home.

– the start of the school year, which is this week for most of the teachers in Belize. Prayers for energy and rekindled passion as they prepare for the incoming students.

Community Partners

Please pray for..

– safety and success for the month of Augusts.

– leads for more teams.