Overall PathLight Operations

Please pray for..

• God to watch over our first visiting teams in 2018, may their time in Belize be a time of transformation for all involved.


Please pray for..

Iris - my family.

Aracely - my family, studies and my pain, thank you.

Nancy - my Grandma, Grandpa who are very ill at the moment and also for me to stop stressing out and be strong.

Rebecca - God to give me strength to face the situation my family is presently going through.

Miriam - my spiritual strength that every day I can make things better and so that I can be a blessing to others.

Kelly - me so that I have a better understanding in math.

Emily - Please pray for my family and my studies and for God to continue give me strength to work hard and do well at school.

Cassidy - health and strength and for my friends and family and for all the sponsors and mentors at PathLight including Belize City Student and Mentors.

Edin P - my little brother who is sick.

Cristian A - my Brother to get well because of his broken leg.

Manuel - my family so that we can be together.

Beatriz - all the persons in the world who are getting through difficult situations, pray for them so that God may be by their sides helping them to get through their needs and difficulties too. Pray for all the homeless children.

Dayna - my family and the whole of PathLight and the world, bless all those who are sick and suffering in these difficult times.

Wilber I. - so that I pass my ATLIB Examination. Thanks!

Leah - me, my mom, my brothers and sisters and my grades and protection.

Joseline - my grandmother so that she can recover from her eye surgery soon and feel well, also pray from me so that I can excel in my studies.

Julie - my family, school all path light mentor and to keep pouring blessing on us and those in need.

Norma - my family.

Wilber C - those that are in need of God, may God bless them with abundant of joy and happiness so that they are fine, also pray for my family.

Jasmine - my family in health, finance and guidance in school subjects I see challenging, thank you for your prayers PathLight Mentors!

Johnny - my Uncle that in sick in bed.

Ruby P - my parents, for them to realize how important school is for me.

Megli - my family and for me, for my education and for my studies and to be focus. Thank you!

Sergio - my family and for great health and be to a good role model for my parents, also pray for me to do good in school. 

Leslie A - those who are heart broken, those in need and those that are in the hospital fighting for their lives. Pray also for my family, friends and PathLight.

Rosaria - my Grandpa is very ill, also for my family and my grades so I can do well at school in the Exam, CXC and ATLIB. 

Delmi - the security and wellbeing of my family and also a special pray for my mom sickness, and may the Lord God continue to bless us.

Neftali - Please pray for the sick in the country.

Elda - my education my family and my life.

Evan  - my guidance and protection of my family all day long, never let my luck be bad.

Andre - my health, maintenance and school.

Derrick - those who are sick and in need.

Rafael - my family and friends.

Luciana - a classmate from my school who went missing and for my family and friends.

Denroy - my class because they like to steal stuff and my pens.

Luis - me and my family that we get a blessed year.

Camila - my family friends, parents, siblings and PathLight’s staff. Continue guiding us and protecting us helping us and loving us.

Julio - my health and that God continue to help my family so that he can bless me with a pair of shoes for school.

Zoey  - God to give me a patience and help me pass.

Christian B - the students that are sick and can’t come to school.

Franklin - my family to guide them also me and to protect us from bad things and for my education.

Orlando  - the poor and people who are in need financially and spiritually.

Roman - that we all get home safe.

Sagitiel - Please pray for my family and friends.

Shaunty - my father’s health, he is suffering a dangerous sickness, Thank you!

Thelma - my family and friends.

Fabiola - my dad, help him to work safe and help him love me and my sister and take care of us both.

Ann - my aunt and uncle who are really going through hard times, my aunt has breast cancer and can’t get cured and I really want her to feel better.

Nyah - my family and for my sister and I to let us see one more year he gave us opportunity, Thank you!

Amy - God to give me the strength to pass.

Teacher Training

Please pray for..

• a productive and meaningful Directors' meeting schedule early February.

• a year of growth within the PathLight organization, pray that our work impacts the many deserving students and teachers of Belize.

• Consuelo's family.

Community Partners

Please pray for..

• safety and success for the visiting Revive Team.

• favor as we continue to reach out to businesses to partner with us in construction and other CP activities. 

• wisdom as we continue to grow and evolve as a program.