Overall PathLight Operations

Please pray for..

– our Teacher Training staff and summer volunteers, that our Teacher Training Conferences will be well-attended and teachers will be inspired.

– our 13 graduates as they move into a new chapter in their lives, that the Lord will continue to guide their paths.

– gratitude for our sponsors and the important role they play in the lives of our students.

– our Sponsorship+ staff as they make difficult decisions on accepting new students for the fall.

– Adrian and Tono and our Community Partners volunteers during a busy upcoming month.

– that our visiting teams will have safe, successful and transformational experiences and that they may feel called to further engage with PathLight and our work in Belize.

– gratitude for our summer intern, Caroline McCall, and the contributions she has made.


Please pray for..

Catherine – God to help her to forgive and to receive forgiveness.

Orvin – that he will continue to improve in his grades.

Karina – that she would continue to improve in her attitude.

Diana – her family that things would continue to improve at home.

KyJuan – that God would continue to guide him.

Chelsea – that God would bless her family.

Jeniel – her family, school, teachers, friends and class mates.

Ricardo – God to heal his grandfather who has cancer.

Alisha – friends, family and teachers and also for her PathLight family.

Iris – my mother and whole family and for the family of Denfold who just passed away.

Jen – for family, friends, health, and for a better future and a proud family.

Julian – my mom at her job, for my school and friends, I pray especially for the one blessed PathLight and all the mentors.

Nidia – that I could do excellent on my exam starting the 9th and for the one I’ll be doing on Wednesday on technical drawing.

Janette – me so I don't get sick during my exam and do great on it. 

Wilber Ibanez – that I pass exams.

Ana – my family and PathLight staff including my sponsor and my studies. 

Selvyn – my family so that we can live in peace and prosperity. 

Melissa – my studies so I could pass the form and also for my dad because he is the only person who is with me.  

Paola – my family and protection and also prayer for my dad because he is sick and also my grandparents and my family is passing through a hard time, I have faith in God that he will help me with all my heart. 

Elda – that I can pass my exams.

Josue – my nephew, he has the flu.

Denroy – that it will never rain in the evening on school day.

Jasmine – my brother Manuel and grandma’s health, my family health and that I have courage and strength so I can continue my life with faith and overcome anything that comes my way. 

Beatriz – that I do well on my exam, also pray for all the children that don't have an education in the world may get one and also for health for everybody.

Franklin – my classmates that they will believe in Jesus.

Estella – when I take the exams.

Darcy – my grandma because she is sick.

Leonel – me so I have wisdom.

Abraham – God to bless and protect my classmate that don't like me and bully me too.

Manuel – that I can pass the school year.

Jamilette – that I can pass exams this week.

Claribel – that I can do excellent on my exams and to protect and guide my mom when she goes to El Salvador for the summer. Also for my grandmother because she is sick.

Higinia – me in my studies and upcoming exams so I can go from 1st form to 2nd form and get high in the exams.

Julio – my family and mom and her health.

Kelly – me to forgive the person I don't like.

Eva – my father because he will get an operation and I hope he get better. 

Alma – our family at home and that we don't get in too much trouble or no trouble at all. 

Dominga – me during this week on exams, may He give me knowledge and understanding.

Wilber C – my dad so that he could be safe in what he is doing; pray for my family so that they have good health and for those necessary ones.

Julie – that I can pass my exams and my school year.

Hilda – my dad because he will get an operation, thank you and may God bless you! 

Megli – my family and for the PathLight students who will be doing exams so that they pass high too, Thank you!

Mabelin – God to stop this rain because we get wet and look like chicken, thank God for this wonderful life and to help me in my exams.

Leah – God to bless me and my family and that He guides me through my exams.

Rosaria – me so I can do my best in the exams, pray for my family so that they would be at peace, pray for my country and my sponsors. 

Miriam – my exam week. 

Emily – my dad so that He heals him in whatever he has in his stomach or whatever sickness, also for my mom to give her strength with her worries and problems. 

Ana – my uncle, he is sick in the hospital.

Christian – my mom because she is very sick these days.

Evelyn H – that I can pass my exams.

Anthony G – my family and the newest member in my family.

Orlando – my final exams we are taking and more health.

Teacher Training

Please pray for..

– Baptist High School, as the staff and students grieve the loss of one of their staff members.

– upcoming TTC, be praying for the Teacher Trainers from US and Belize, as we work together to develop the summer curriculum and materials.

– Praise! The Burnsides found a “new” vehicle, our last one died!

Community Partners

Please pray for..

– safety and success for the month of June.