Overall PathLight Operations

Please pray for..

– our students as they adapt and experience the benefits of our structured after-school program.

– improved health as a pinkeye epidemic spreads across Belize, impacting many of our students.

– those students and their families who experience hunger.

– Trisha as she moves into a new role in our ministry.

– Sulema and her many contributions; asking for the Lord’s protection as she prepares to welcome her second child.

– all of our staff as they share God’s love with the people of Belize through PathLight’s ministry.


Please pray for..

– Derrick T., Krissel, and Jennifer S. who have all been sick with conjunctivitis (pinkeye).

– Darlene, who has been without electricity for over six months. She is also asking for prayers that her mom will be able to find a job.
– all of our seniors in high school as they are preparing for regional exams.

– all the staff that they will have the wisdom and the love to deal with issues that students face (at home and at school for our students families who are fighting varying challenges from unemployment to chronic illnesses).

Geovanny – Please pray for those in need of homeless, food and for health.

Luz – Please pray for those who don’t have and desperately need. Pray for those in my community that are sick with different illness, that one day they might recover. Pray for my family to cope with the loss of a distance relative.

Christian – Please pray for my brother because he is having a hard time with his broken leg.

Julian – Please pray for my family, friends and those who had hurt me me, let me see the greatness of our GOD! Please pray for Mexico and all of the other countries who suffered from each natural disaster, let them know they have hope in God!

Evelyn – Please pray for me, to God give me wisdom and I can pass 2nd form with high grades. THANK YOU!

Derrick – Please pray for the poor and for the sick.

Roman – Please pray for: I don’t know the girls name but she was attacked by a German shepherd and her face is in a bad condition.

Selvyn – Please pray for my mom because she haven’t been feeling well the past days. Thanks.

Leah – Please pray for my mom, dad, my brothers, me, my studies, PathLight and the rest of my family.

Darcy – Please pray for Adela Espinosa she is very sick, that she need oxygen so she can breathe.

Rafael – Please pray for, that I may have an open mind to my work tests, quizzes and my life and that I’ll be safe when traveling to school. Thank you.

Paola – Please pray for my family especially for my dad because he is very sick and also want you to pray for the protection of my family. Thank you.

Dayna – Please pray for my family and all the country suffering hurricanes and also the people in it and also for the country recovering from the hurricane and for everyone suffering illness and also for PathLight organization and also for the student who love travel with Belize.

Leslie – Please pray for my sponsors, family, friends and PathLight members. Please pray for those who are sick and those who have good health.

Abraham – Please pray for my father that doesn’t have a job, and also for our country and PathLight program that God may bless us.

Neftali – Please pray for the ones that have received the hurricanes in many countries. Please pray for the earthquakes in Mexico and the dead people. Please pray for my family that God may bless all of us and PathLight.

Ruby – Please pray for my dad (biological father) who now is passing through some difficulties and please for him to accept God in his life.

Meisi – Please pray for my family, friends and those that I love to have good health.

Miriam – Please pray for my studies for intelligence, wisdom and more understanding, also for God to give me more opportunities to visit other places to sing along with my church band.

Eva – Please pray for my cousin that is sick, she has pink eye and I really want her to get better.

Merit – Please pray for conjunctivitis outbreak in Belize, for school semester, family, healthy and unity.

Josue – Please pray for Leonel who have pink eye.

Claribel – Please pray for me so I can start go to church and serve God the right way. Also pray for my father who has a tumor in his head so God can heal him.

Luciana – Please pray for my family and me make we be OK and that nothing bad happen to us.

Amy – Please pray for my family.

Keili – Please pray for my brother Eli who is very sick and is in the hospital.

Sulmi – Please pray for my education, economy.

Kelly – Please pray for me so that I can succeed in my studies.

Jose – Please pray to pass school, help to get used to school, pray for my friend.

Noemi – Please pray for letting me have a sponsor, pass my first form.

Edin – Please pray for me and my family so God could take care of us and bless us.

Orlando – Please pray so that my grades would increase more and also for my peers and instructors.

Delmi – Please pray for my family is healthy and support also pray that my mom gets better soon.

Johnny – Please pray for me so that I can improve and do better in science and also on my other grades.

Christian – Please pray for this countries that have been passing hard times whereby natural disasters have damage them.

Alma – Please pray for my  parents to have patience with me and for me to put my part in doing all my best for them. for also them to understand me as a youth.

Ann – Please pray for my mom that would be having my baby sister soon she will be getting cut in order for my baby sister to come to this world and I want to pray for the health of both of them, i want them to get well really quick.

Nidia – Please pray for my brother who is at Guatemala City. pray for him so that he and his daughter may be safe.

Wilber I. – Please pray for my grandpa who is really sick, also for my uncle who is struggling with alcohol.

Wilber C. – Please pray for those people who are in need. those that are in hunger and are suffering.

Cassidy – Please pray for me and my family, all my friends, mentors, teachers, sponsors and everyone so that we can do our best and for god to guide and protect us.

Beatriz – Please pray for all the sick people in the world, please pray for all the homeless and for all those who lack faith so that when we depart from this world we may at last rest in gods peace. 

Jasmine – Please pray for my parents work and salaries. for my brother health and that everything may go well. for my commitment to school and concentration and also to make time to go to school.

Ada – Please pray for me and my family so that we can have peace and be a real family also please pray for my grandmother she is very old and i don't want her to suffer too much for those pains in her feet.

Thelma – Please pray for god to bless me and my family also my PathLight family and to help me in school.

Hilda – Please pray for my family.

Janel – Please pray for my family, pray for my grandmother who is at El Salvador and is sick, pray so that she gets better. pray for Belize so that we are out of damage and we are all safe.

Denroy – Please pray for my family so that none of us catch pink eye.

Megli – Please pray for my family for them to not have a lot of issues. pray for me so i can concentrate in my studies, pray for my brother to understand and my parents to understand him.

Luis – Please pray for me that I don't get sick or catch pink eye.

Camila – Please pray for all those countries that just pass through several hurricanes.

Mercy – Please pray for me and my family and my sponsors. pray also for my friends and teachers also for mentors. also pray for me to work hard.

Evan – Please pray for my protection and my family to be with god at all time. pray for make my day be a wonderful day. 

Aracely – Please pray for my family, my baby brother that he grows healthy and strong, pray for my studies that i could continue doing much better to make everyone proud of me.

Anthony – Please pray for my mother and father to give them the strength so they work and put food on the table for us. also pray for my self so that I can past 3rd form.

Nancy – Please pray for my health I always have short of breath.

Zoey – Please pray for my friends, my family and everyone that i love.

Nyah – Please pray for me so that I can pass this school year and to have more knowledge and also please pray for my parents, sisters, and my one and only brother. Thanks.

Shaunty – Please pray for my father health, for my success in high school too.

Higinia – Please pray that I would be able to pass my mid-semester and get high grades and to try my best and Please pray for my health and my family.

Jannet – Please pray for the people that have been hurt and who lost every thing they had after the earthquake. pray for the people who lost their loved ones during the earthquake in Mexico and pray for them to continue with their lives although they have nothing with them.

Franklin – Please pray for my education, for my family to always be by my side and my teachers and classmates who always encourage me to continue.

Evadney – Please pray for god to keep me strong and to give me guidance, to protect me where ever i go and also pray for my family to be strong and safe.

Julio – Please pray for those people that have pink eye and to help them to get better.

Deetra – Please pray for those who are ill and give strength to those who lost their family members who died from the earthquake in Mexico, help by  leafing the way.

Dian – Please pray for my grandma who is very sick and is still struggling with my 3 brothers and that we all have a meal everyday and may we all learn to forgive and also be forgiven.

Rosaria – Please pray for my family, me to pass all subjects, for me not to fall into temptation and also for god to show me the gift he has for me.

Teacher Training

Please pray for..

– the success of the four preschool workshops to be held in the month of October in four districts.

– our teachers and students as it has been reported by the Ministry of Health of the increase in the numbers of reported conjunctivitis cases in most districts. 

– the success of our intervention reading program that we are implementing in our two feeder schools.

– health and wisdom upon PathLight TTP Director as she embarks in offering assistance and guidance to the teachers of Belize.

Community Partners

Please pray for..

– leads for more teams.

– how we could continue to support families of the children that attend the grade schools we are focusing on.

– how to build and engage with pastors in communities to address social/behavioral issues facing families.

– a successful trip for Rotary and Friends group coming in October.