Overall PathLight Operations

Please pray for..

• blessing and protection on our students, families, teachers and staff in Belize City who live amidst a backdrop of gang violence.

• our 4th form students as the enter exam season. May they be confident and free from anxiety as they sit their exams.

• the team who will be visiting in April and our staff and students who will accompany them; keep them safe and may their hearts be touched.

• our Teacher Training team as they prepare for upcoming workshops and trainings.


Please pray for..

• our students who are going through trauma due to gun violence in Belize City.

• our high school seniors who will be sitting their final exams in a few weeks.

Edin – my family so God protect us from evil. Also, pray for me so God could guide me throughout my life.

Alma – my family to be very blessed with finances and also i would love for you to pray for me so that I continue with my studies and succeed in life.

Wilber C. – my family and all those families that are giving through bad things. Pray for those individuals who are doing bad things in Belize, that their sin may be forgiven.

Nancy – my father who is out working by the sea and also my grandmother who is at the cayes, for safe trip home.

Jose A. – my little nephew who is sick.

Wilber I. – my safety during the Easter break, Our nation has shedd lots of blood lately and I don’t want to be another victim.

Christian B. – those that are in bad conditions, sickness and also for the poor people.

Dominga – my family and me.

Josue – my grandfather, he is very ill. He is suffering from a hernia. Thank you very much

Emily – me and my family for God to help us with our problems. And continue to help me with my studies. Thank you.

Sagitel – my family and friends.

Eva – my family and friends so that they can always be strong and healthy.

Paola – me, so i can do well in school. I would also like you to pray for my family’s protection. Please and thank you.

Dayna – family, friends, Belize and the PathLight organization, help us to know more about what the Lord has done for us and to let us inspire others to do right.

Kelly – me to understand my math teacher when she explains.

Julio – the continuous health of my mom. That God continues to work on her health and that one day she gets to heal from her sickness.

Dian – the protection my mother and sister who are in Placencia, so they can be safe while riding the boat.

Camila – health, guidance and for another day of life for all of us. I thank God for all that He has given us and I ask Him to forgive our sins.

Darcy – my family, especially my mother because she is feeling sick and also she is working and it can affect her.

Julian – my family and friends that the good Lord guides them. My studies so that I may do good as all PathLight students. I ask for prayers for PathLight so that they may better off.

Mercy – me, family, friends and sponsor.

Mabeline – protection of my family for many blessings and guidance.

Jasmine – family health, safety of friends and family, knowledge in school and patience to learn difficult topics.

Derrick – my family so that every day blessings can be there.

Evan – guidance as I take my journey home and also for protection of my family.

Norma – family and me to get back together.

Beatrize – all the sick people in Jesus name they may find a cure.

Jessica – family and I, for God’s blessing and help.

Nidia – my mom who has been sick this past week and is still sick and also for me.

Orlando – the poor, needy, rich, good, and bad. Pray for protection of my family and friends.

Luciana – my family especially my little brothers and thank God for saving my brother Ricardo.

Leslie A. – my fellow students, with their education and other life situation. My sponsor to recover from her knee and my mom, God protect both of them. For my family’s friends’ health and for my eye so I can see very good.

Rebecca – me to prepare myself for my coming examination (Diploma exams and CXC’s) also to help my family through the situation that we are going through.

Janel – my family so we have a blessed Easter.

Ada – all the class of 1 H that we may gain knowledge and for us to be respectful with our teachers and mentors.

Miriam – a better Belize and for violence to stop in our country.

Hilda – family and me.

Aracely – my family, studies that everything is always good.

Rosaria – my family, me( upcoming exams and cxc), my grandfather who is having trouble with his health and my community and churches.

Jannete – those who feel alone and helpless. Let them know that God is with them and He will take good care of them.

Nyah – my family and me.

Ruby – me, my brother and family that we keep being together. Please pray for my dad to go through every obstacle and keep standing up.

Christian A. – my mother because she hasn’t been feeling good.

Ann – my friends who is in a really bad situation with family problems.

Denroy – good health and strength.

Estela – me, that I can make it through high school even though many things the stand in my way of accomplishing this.

Julie – my studies and all PathLight students. For us to gain more knowledge every day. For us to learn from our mistakes. For us to love each other, help one another.  Pray for the PathLight members.

Elda – my health, education and family.

Higinia – family’s spiritual and physical well being.

Zoey – me and Amy to do good in school.

Thelma – God to bless and guide me in the right way. That He may help my family and friends and to stop the violence in Belize.

Abraham – my health and my dad’s health and for my sponsors.

Neftali – these Easter holidays that we can be safe and that God be with us. And for the sick that they get better.

Amy – me!

Shemmar – who is asking for prayer for his family, that things would continue to improve for them.

Artisha – who is asking for prayers that she continues to be in the top of her class.

Alisha – who is asking for prayer to be able to forgive.

Tahj – who is asking for prayer for his family.

Yorick – asking God for guidance.

Darlene – that God would continue to provide for her and her family.

Karina – asking for prayer that she will do well in her exams.

Jennifer – asking for prayer for God’s continues guidance and protection.

Kyjuan – asking for prayer for health and strength and to be able to do God’s will.

Teacher Training

Please pray for..

• the success and increase attendance of our two upcoming High School Workshops: in Stann Creek and Toledo Districts.

• favor for the approval of the Rotary grant.

• healing of a cousin (teacher) who underwent a foot surgery.

Community Partners

Please pray for..

• success for the two teams arriving in April.

• favor as we continue to reach out to businesses to partner with us in construction and other CP activities. 

• safety for myself and family and our extended PathLight Family in Belize City.