Our Approach

A systemic problem requires a systematic solution. And there's a way for you to get involved every step of the way.

We help unleash the God-given potential in children living in Belize through three integrated programs. These programs elevate the entire educational “ecosystem” these children are learning in, helping make their education truly empowering.



Our sponsorship program is called “Sponsorship+” because unlike most sponsorship programs, we provide students with full-spectrum, wraparound support that includes mentoring, tutoring, academic and personal counseling, spiritual discipleship, and full financial support.

Teacher Training

To develop and equip successful educators, we support and train teachers in Belize through year-round workshops, onsite support, one-on-one mentoring, and summer Teacher Training Conferences.



Community Partners

We connect Belizean villages with mission teams for the mutual transformation of both the villages and the teams, as well as their home churches. Teams work along side village and school leaders to assist communities in accomplishing their development goals.

We believe that these three integrated programs effectively impact the core needs of the communities in which we work. Along with the tremendous effort and passion of students, teachers and local communities, you're helping us begin a new chapter in Belize.