PathLight Student Meets Her Sponsor's Daughter

Dianna (left) – 10th grade student from Grace Christian Academy in Nashville, TN – and her family have been sponsoring PathLight's Ruby (right) for the past two years, and the two girls are only six months apart in age. Dianna's mom Shar knew what a meaningful opportunity it would be for the girls to meet. 

With the help of PathLight's Program Director Mariam, they got a chance to do just that. Led by Grace Christian Academy's Missions Teacher Judy Barnette, a team of six students and their trip leaders met Ruby and her family in the village of Cotton Tree. Ruby's mom Yesenia (center) welcomed the visitors into her home, where the American students got a chance to see village life up close, including the parrot who lives with Ruby and her family. Ruby and her brothers showed the students around the village before sending them on their way to conduct a Vacation Bible School at another Belizean village. Many new Facebook friends have been created, and Ruby and Dianna have built the beginnings of a beautiful international friendship!

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