PathLight Expands to Belize City

We are very excited to formally announce our expansion to Belize City.

Last Monday, as students gathered after their first day back to school in our new Belize City PathLight offices, we celebrated the culmination of a one-year process and the beginning of a new era for PathLight. 

About a year ago, we began to sense that God was opening various doors for PathLight to make an even bigger impact in Belize. Our team visited each District in Belize, talking with High School and village leadership, members of the Ministry of Education, assessing the needs and opportunities for us to expand. Simultaneously, we got to know the ministry of Belize Hope led by Executive Director Laura Connelly. This ministry was quite similar in mission to PathLight, serving one of the most challenging areas in Belize. Soon thereafter, we began talking about joining forces with Belize Hope, as it became apparent that our expansion would be most strategically directed toward Belize City. 

Last month, We finalized the process of Belize Hope coming under the PathLight umbrella. In addition to getting to know the eighteen Belize Hope students who have now formally become PathLight students, we got to know the wonderful Belize Hope staff and volunteers. They likewise have become part of our growing PathLight family, and we are thrilled to share our ministry with them.

In the coming months, we'll tell you more about the various staffing changes as a result of our expansion, and more about our plans for the future. For now, we praise God for the privilege of serving the students, families, schools and teachers of Belize City. Please pray for our newest PathLight students. Pray for their success in school, and their daily safety in some of Belize's most challenging neighborhoods. Pray for our dedicated team of new mentors (Aly, Brian, Silvia and Tyron - led by Dion Rodriguez and Mariam Banner). Pray that our new Belize City office and student center would be a place of joy, peace, study, discipleship and outreach. Please join us in giving thanks for all that God has done and continues to do through PathLight. Thank you for helping to make all of this possible.

Roger Dermody - CEO