Thank You

Three weeks ago, we got news that Hurricane Earl was headed toward Belize. We quickly put together a website and campaign, to begin funding our relief effort. The hurricane caused considerable damage to Belize, but the PathLight team was there to help.

We wanted to say THANK YOU. Your generosity has allowed us to make sure that all 118 current PathLight families and all recent graduates are okay, specifically providing 19 mattresses to 9 families, seed and crop spray for 3 families, 1 refrigerator, 2 stoves, repair 6 houses (new roofs, walls, etc.), 15 chickens and feed, immediate food for 18 families, ongoing food (2 months) for 5 families, and much more. We couldn’t have done it without you.

The relief effort is not over. We still have a long road to recovery, but we wanted to thank you on behalf of all of the families in Belize for your radical love and generosity. You're making a difference. 

And our work in Belize continues! The new school year has just begun, and we've expanded into Belize City. This has required us to lease a 2nd office and hire 4 new student mentors. If you would like to continue to fund the work we are doing in Belize, please visit