Growth and Staffing Transitions in Belize

Growth means change and in our case, it means exciting change.

We will begin the new school year with over 100 sponsorship students, in 2 different cities and in 8 different high schools. We will host more mission teams in our 10th year of ministry than ever before. Our teacher training program is now reaching into 3 different districts. All of this means a lot of changes for our staff.

Dion Rodriquez has been an highly effective PathLight mentor for the last 4 years. Last month, he was promoted to Expansion Coordinator. He is already traveling to Belize City to provide oversight for our 16 new students.  

Mariam Banner has also been one of the mentors for our 85 students from the villages around the Belmopan area. Her 4 years of effective service have prepared her to become the Lead Mentor for the Cayo District. 

Tono Bol has been associated with PathLight from day one. He has been working with Jaguar Creek for over 15 years and is now a full-time employee with PathLight. He is the project manager for the volunteer teams who come to work side by side with community members to improve their schools.  

Jodi Burnside joined our teacher training team in January. Her main responsibility is to equip high school teachers in the Belmopan area. Her reputation as a highly effective educator is rapidly growing and she is already receiving requests to come to other areas of the country.

God has provided us with an incredible team, and we are excited about the future of PathLight.