Our Story

PathLight began in late 2006 when four friends sensed God was up to something special in Belize. With no strategic plan, nor clear idea of who to serve, they took a step of faith. They spent the first six months talking to as many Belizean leaders as they could contact — community leaders, pastors, Peace Corps volunteers, business owners, principals, teachers, and government officials. They asked, “How can we be a good neighbor and best serve the people of Belize?” The consistent response had to do with improving the education system, and making it more accessible to Belize’s poorest communities. 

“How can we be a good neighbor and best serve the people of Belize?”

By early 2007 PathLight was hosting multiple short-term mission teams. These became known as Community Partners, with the emphasis being to help improve the infrastructure of partner schools. Later the same year PathLight sponsored its first fourteen students in what became our wrap-around Sponsorship+ Program. Shortly thereafter, teachers began asking PathLight staff to provide help. Thus, the Teacher Training Program was launched. These three programs, Community Partners, Sponsorship+ and Teacher Training, remain central to PathLight’s vision of breaking the cycle of generational poverty, by providing hope to every child through the power of a vibrant faith and a dynamic learning environment.

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Our Mission

PathLight inspires hope by partnering with schools, churches, and residents of under resourced and overlooked communities so that young people become steadfast followers of Christ, receive a quality education, and pursue pathways that lead to a meaningful vocation.

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Our Team


Roger Dermody
Laura Connelly
Cole Ryan
Mary Lidtke
Anne Stoneberger
Adrienne Parcher
Anjanette Lundell


Mariam Banner
Dion Rodriguez
Toni Bautenback
Tono Bol
Consuelo Godfrey
Trecia Jones
Nilda Muschamp
Bryan Oh
Trisha Oh
Aly Reyes
Keshawn Sutherland
Jovaughn Hamilton


Our Board of Directors

Roy Goble
D'Aun Goble
Mark Parcher
Adrienne Parcher
Greg Lundell
Irv Henderson
Katelyn Mack
Robyn Mitchell-Stong
Verne Sharma