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  • Adrienne Parcher
    Adrienne Parcher

    Executive Director, Co-Founder and Director of Teacher Training Programs (US)

  • Andrea Rodriguez
    Andrea Rodriguez

    In-house media consultant - "Stories from the Field" journalist (Belize)

  • Andy Stout
    Andy Stout

    Director of Volunteer Service Teams and Jaguar Creek Director (Belize)



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  • Anjanette Lundell
    Anjanette Lundell

    Communications Coordinator - Teacher Training Programs (US)

  • Anne Stoneberger
    Anne Stoneberger

    Assistant to the President (US)

  • Antonio 'Tono' Bol
    Antonio 'Tono' Bol

    Property Manager - Jaguar Creek (Belize)



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  • D'Aun Goble
    D'Aun Goble

    Co-Founder (US)

  • Dion Rodriguez
    Dion Rodriguez

    Associate Director - Sponsorship+ Program (Belize)

  • Douglas Flores
    Douglas Flores

    Associate Director - Sponsorship+ Program (Belize)



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  • Keith Cobell
    Keith Cobell

    Vice President (US)

  • Lisa Stout
    Lisa Stout

    Director of Jaguar Creek (Belize)

  • Mark Parcher
    Mark Parcher

    Executive Director, Co-Founder and Director of Sponsorship+ Program (US)



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  • Mariam Banner
    Mariam Banner

    Associate Director - Sponsorship+ Program (Belize)

  • Marti Ross
    Marti Ross

    Associate Education Director (Belize)

  • Roy Goble
    Roy Goble

    President and Co-Founder (US)